2021-02-10 6:46 p.m.

Living in the middle of nowhere was a good idea that I both regret and appreciate. I feel like that about pretty much anything in my life.

If I were honest, I would include the "I've had a couple of bad decades" bit in every answer to every question. But more like three, for extra honesty.

Since I go nowhere and see nobody, I think a lot. I remember a lot. All those trips around Europe. Was I the same person? The high risk of getting to know someone in the way I did. I can't believe that was me. The concerts, all the bus rides taking pictures of the top of the buildings, my wet converse, all that driving in my old car. I miss my first car. I remember the early Sunday mornings driving to that big park to take photos. Eventually I would be chased at sunrise by a shirtless crazy looking guy and never came back. It's shocking how much life you live only when you assume a certain risk.

There's really no need to write about the good things. Nothing to fix in the good things. I think about those twice a day and then right before I go to bed. I'm a responsible citizen. What did you think?

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